Access all your trading accounts - with one cTrader ID

Open the door to exclusive features and tools. Extend further control over your account. Connect to traders, apps and resources.

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Credentials Management

Manage credential information such as username, email address and password.


Stay informed about any changes to your trading account through email alerts and push notifications.

Active Sessions

Monitor the devices authorised to use cTrader and stay in control by viewing and terminating any active sessions.


Give and gain trading wisdom from fellow traders through Chartshots, visual sharing of trading ideas, examples and technical analysis strategies.

Open API

Build your own applications using cTrader’s free, secure and publicly accessible Open API.


Benefit from a solid ecosystem of quick and simple-to-connect third-party solutions.


Get social on the community forum. Stay in touch with other traders, discover fresh ideas and succeed in the markets together.

Cloud Workspaces

Never worry about switching devices or brokers: load your favourite workspaces from the cloud with just a few clicks.

cTrader ID Benefits

All-in-one Solution

One single and secure cloud-based portfolio for all accounts, workspaces and more.

Multi-Platform Social Trading

Management of multiple accounts with both - native Spotware and third-party social trading platforms.

Seamless Strategy Promotion

Ability to share and promote your trading performance via such reputable online services as MyFXBook and FxBlue (former MT4i).

cTrader Developer Community Membership

Connection with professionals, specializing in auto-trading strategies, as well as access to a wide selection of trading robots and additional indicator base.